ShineLogoWe have Sunday School for all ages!  Our Sunday School follows our 9:30 am worship service and lasts for 50 minutes.  Our elementary and Jr. High classes use Shine: Living in God’s Light an Anabaptist Sunday school curriculum that takes children through important themes and characters in the Bible in three years.  Our Youth Group uses Generation WhyGeneration Why encourages youth to encounter and explore Scripture to make it their own. In a time of violence, injustice, materialism, and hard questions, Generation Why offers a different point of view.

Adult Sunday School for the Spring Quarter: 

This quarter, our three age-based adult Sunday School classes are focusing on different topics. One class is taught by Dean Sauder and is working their way through the Old Testament by studying the book, “The Story of God, the Story of Us: Getting Lost and Found in the Bible”. The other two adult classes use the International Lesson published by Menno Media.

Junior Youth Class
One of the three Adult Sunday School Classes
Youth Class
Time to connect about our lives
Studying the International Lesson
Studying using the book: “The Story of God, the Story of Us: Getting Lost and Found in the Bible”